• ◆ Type: Sealed Dynamic Type / ◆ Driver: 50 mm Driver / ◆ Magnet: Neodymium Magnet

  • ◆ Impedance: 24 Ω / ◆ Sensitivity: 100 dB / mW / ◆ Maximum Input: 1,300 mW / ◆ Reproduction Frequency: 5 ~ 40,000 Hz

  • ◆ Body Weight: 260 g (Excluding Cables)

  • ◆ Cable: 1.3 m × 2 / ● Straight Cable / ● iOS Compatible Remote Control Cable / ◆ Plug: ● Amplifier side: 3.5 mm stereo mini plug (L type) / ● Headphone Side (Left Housing): 2.5 mm Stereo Plug (4 Pole)

  • ◆ Accessories: ● Straight Cable / ● iOS Compatible Remote Control Cable / ● Carrying Pouch / ● Instruction Manual

  • Product features ★ Even outdoor the powerful DENON sound! Portable Over Ear Headphones in the High Reso era ◆ Large caliber 50 mm driver ● Even outdoor Adoption of large caliber 50 mm driver to enjoy the powerful DENON sound which full bass soundly supports the foundation of music. ● It is stronger by the magnetic circuit using the neodymium magnet of the strongest permanent magnet, and accurately drives against the input signal. ◆ High resolution audio compatibility ● The driver's reproduction frequency specially designed for AH-D1200 covers a wide band of 5 Hz ~ 40 kHz. ● It also reproduces exactly the information of the super high region exceeding the human audible band recorded in the high resolution sound source without leaving. ◆ Aluminum die-cast hanger ● Light weight and robust aluminum die casting is adopted as a hanger part. ● In addition to contributing to acoustic performance, we will enhance the satisfaction that our beautiful shine finished carefully one by one will possess. ◆ Straight cable & iOS compatible remote control cable ● It comes with two types of straight cable with top priority sound quality and a remote cable that allows you to manipulate iOS device volume and play / pause / skip at hand. ● Since the microphone is also built in the remote control part, you can talk without removing headphones. ◆ Folding mechanism of biaxial hinge ● You can choose the folding method suitable for the space to store from the two types of fold-in, which folds the housing inward, flat fold by rotating the housing 90 degrees, and fold flat. ◆ Stress free ear pad ● Adopted for ear pad with shape memory foam which can obtain optimum fit according to artificial leather and head curve with almost twice the durability of common artificial leather. ● Dry fit cloth is used for the head band to diffuse the moisture quickly. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※

    DENON Portable Over Ear Headphones AH-D1200BK (Black)【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】 【Ships from Japan】 - B07BRTBRXV

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    DENON Portable Over Ear Headphones AH-D1200BK (Black)【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】 【Ships from Japan】 - B07BRTBRXV

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